Online Presence Enhancement Services

The internet proposes much opportunity to grow your business, but it can be a double edged sword when negativity is expressed online. Our job is to make you shine and sparkle by consistently showing positive images and messages of your business and downplaying the negativity through proven strategies.

Marketing & Communications Consulting/Coaching

Looking to grow your business and expand on your digital footprint? Hire an expert to plan, strategize, and grow your connections and revenue.

Trainings & Webinars

Is your organization looking for someone to come in and give an overview on digital ads, storytelling, maintaining a professional online presence, and other related topics?

Jeannette Magaro, Central PA's 21st Century Storyteller

Founder of SMC wants to #TellYourStory! Consumers don't surf the net to be pitched to. To continue to try to communicate your message and market your product by "selling" is dated and ineffective. The new generation of marketers know that the way to be known is to connect with your audience by becoming relatable. When the time comes to make a transaction, your organization will be the first to come to mind because of the connection that was made. The advertising options and the targeting available online is unmatchable in any other advertising media. Let's get you out there and #TellYourStory !

Public Relations and Communications Services

Sometimes we think we can do it ourselves or a family member or an employee can help out. The reality is when you are busy consistently promoting your achievements is the last thing on your list which leads to missed opportunity. Don't let opportunity pass you by. Contract these services out to someone that's goal is to always be in your court making your dreams a reality!

  • Executive Positioning
  • Artist and Athlete Talent Management
  • Press Releases
  • Event Coverage