About Us


Our Approach

Clients seeking our services all have some things in common.

They are:

•Experts in their field

•They want more leads, clients, connections, and sales

•They need a little bit of helping reaching their goals

•Are truly wonderful people that we are blessed to serve

We know asking for help is sometimes challenging which is why we do a thorough intake learning more about the organization’s:

  1. Goals and dreams
  2. Ideal client and voice of this client
  3. Experience and comfort level

We make an assessment and provide some FREE tips to help grow their business during a FREE Consult.

Upon entering in a relationship with a client we commit to:

  1. Treat their business as if it were our own
  2. Provide additional value at every opportunity available including connections to other business professionals and customers
  3. Do what we say we are going to do

Our Story

Upon gaining meaningful business experience as a Webmaster, Organizer, and Writer for a Fortune 500 Company, Jeannette exited the organization to head up her family’s small business.

Building the small business brand based upon expanding on current services, digital marketing, and community involvement led to other business owners asking Jeannette for help.

After helping other businesses tell their story, Jeannette decided it was time to make this a go Full-Time creating Storytelling Marketing & Consulting, designed to help others fulfill their dreams!

Jeannette has alliances that can provide her clients services from social media – logo creation – pay per click, and even billboard!

In 2018, Jeannette launched Simply Social Stories with Marsha Blessing telling stories on social media on Facebook LIVE to enhance the presence of businesses in Central PA!