About Us


Our Approach

Our experience and skills make us a dynamic fit to craft the perfect story while optimizing it with the many different opportunities available online. We work hard to meet established goals while providing the best value to our clients. Clients under contract really receive the royal treatment of referrals, connections, and often identification of new revenue streams. Doing right by the client is very important and if you appreciate honesty and integrity then we may be a good choice for you.


Our Story

Founder, Jeannette Magaro, had extensive marketing & promotional branding experience prior to her entering the technology field. Her tenure at a Fortune 500 company granted her extensive information systems applications experience and process improvement skills. Raising her family awarded her the opportunity to run her family business in which she was recognized for her excellent marketing and public relations skills resulting in a significant revenue growth. Peers reached out and asked Jeannette for help with their business. The side hustle combined with a growing blog gave Jeannette the idea to become a start up in Central PA and do it like no one else could. She now helps others pursue their passions by services that range from developing a logo to launching an advertising campaign on Facebook.

Public Relations and Communication Services

Expanding in the field of representing talent such as athletes and artists makes perfect sense given our other overlapping services. We know that many times the talent tries to do this on his or her own and is so busy that this becomes an afterthought and the opportunity becomes wasted! We also work with executives in the fields of finance and IT to be an award winner in his or her field to continue to foster new connections leading to additional opportunity.

Organizations looking to build their brand and expand their reach with limited budget are directed to Magaro’s alliance with Marsha Blessing of Orison Publishing, Simply Social Stories.