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Business recovery plan from the COVID19 pandemic

Does it seem insensitive to discuss marketing during the COVID19 pandemic or is it a topic business owners have been planning since things have shut down? Business owners and marketing professionals have been anxious over the last few weeks as there have been very tough challenges presented and they will continue to present themselves as we try to dig out from this COVID19 coma!

As we prepare to open the country and its economy to do business we will see that some organizations have changed the way they do business with many already shifting to providing products and services virtually and offering different products to bring in additional streams of revenues. Evidence is in watching organizations seizing the opportunity to produce and distribute masks in mass production and gyms providing personal training online to keep afloat!

Some organizations may never open back up or will struggle to open back up for many reasons including having a hard time calling back up employees receiving unemployment benefits and the consumers fear of spending money on anything other than the bare essentials!

We expect our hard-working, ambitious small business owners to fight for their gain of market share like never before! Many have taken this time to plan and look at their marketing plans.

Some may think their lack of cash positions them in a tough spot to invest in marketing as the mindset may look at marketing as an expensive vs. an investment. It may be a good time to really take a look at marketing and how services are truly “essential.”

When the floodgates open in what we hope will be just a few short weeks, business owners and professionals are going to be thirsty to begin filling orders and providing services. Now may be the time to ramp up marketing efforts to prepare to compete for “market share!”

It’s hard to believe with consumers utilizing search engines to look up everything from where to grab a quick lunch to obtaining services for their home such as an electrician or a plumber that nearly 64% of small businesses have not invested in a website to gain new leads and new business referrals! Many small businesses slap together a Wix site or claim a Google My Business and are not found in search engines and may not be able to get back on little efforts. In fact we see social media posts asking for referrals on how to get a FREE or cheap site.

An online presences is equivalent to a sign outside of a Brick and Mortar. One may be hard pressed to hear a business owner ask for the crappiest, cheapest, if not FREE sign to place in front of ones business to serve as a reflection of the business and the quality of the businesses services, products, and standards. To reflect, a business owner that does not value its image is essentially saying, ” My business has little to no value!” Who would make such a negative statement about something so incredibly precious? They would not!

Moving on…

Most marketers understand that content is KING but don’t have the resources to consistently put out a blog post or an email blast to their customers or keep up with social media posts. If content is KING, consistency is QUEEN! Often well-intended business owners have good intentions of keeping up with these efforts but are pulled in multiple directions and this gets put on the back burner. Who would intentionally put the growth of their company at risk? They would not!

Those that have some downtime right now should plan on developing a calendar and a marketing plan to ensure this is made a priority to capture as much business as possible through SEO to make up for the loss of income we have seen many businesses struggle with and may continue to struggle as we enter a recession that many of us have not lived through before.

Those that do not have the resources to dedicate to marketing may want to consider talking to small agencies and firms that perform these services on a contract basis saving valuable payroll dollars and ensuring that your business does get back on track with a defined plan that is managed by qualified professionals making a plan to be in business for the remainder of the COVID19 coma (we mean pandemic) and THE LONG HAUL!

Storytelling Marketing and Consulting is a small boutique style agency providing both marketing and public relations services to small businesses with a niche in brand storytelling to provide organic growth. For more information on the firm, contact 717-919-2857 or .

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Why Social Media is imperative to operate your business

Is social media a necessity?
It’s imperative for all businesses to have a strong internet presence for several reasons, including the ability to “be found” in a cyberspace “sea” that is flooded with competition.
Brands need to “show up” and be present to have opportunities to insert themselves in their communities through conversations that may take place with existing customers and/or prospective customers.
For when the time comes in which a need for your product or service arises, you will be remembered if you shared your story in a manner that was relatable. Keep in front of those prospects and you will be sure to receive referrals.
Social media is the quickest and easiest way to get the word out about your offerings, including any special niche you may serve others!
Can social media be bad for a business?
At times, we hear objectives from business owners that feel that social media is negative, due to experiences with reviews.
It is important to handle these inquiries with care.
Typically, negative reviews take place for a few reasons and it is imperative that the owner, business manager, marketing manager, or communications specialist tasked with receiving first notification of these reviews understand why the review took place in order to understand what strategy to utilize regards to responding to the review, if at all.
The reasons a negative review took place include a business did not provide a satisfactory service or the product was not what was expected and the customer voiced concerned and did not feel he or she was heard, a customer was dissatisfied and did not voice concerns taking to the internet his or her experience or aggravation because he or she did not have the skills to try work through the conflict, and lastly he or she has a track record of complaining online and creating drama because the customer may be struggling with this thing we called life.
As you can see it is important to understand where he or she is coming from to make a resolution. In most cases, the customer wants to be acknowledged and be offered something in the form of a compensation for his or her troubles.
Often the customer refuses this but just wants VALIDATED!
Negative review and Trolls
It is important to note that there is a difference between a bad review and a troll. A troll is someone that is negative and is not posting one time negatively in regards to your business. If you have attempted to handle the issue and the individual is harassing you there are many things that you can do when you feel that it may be detrimental to your business which include blocking the individual from your page,
ensuring you have business profanity limits on your page, and extreme cases you may report the individual to the site and you may completely remove all reviews from certain social media platforms.
A learning experience for all!
Additionally, the reviews should be used as learning experiences and opportunities to offer better service and trainings to employees on the front end.
Businesses can benefit more from social media and online reputation management experts whether it be a one time training class or on an ongoing basis to continue to build their brand and drive additional revenue.
For more information, contact Jeannette Magaro of Storytelling Marketing and Consulting at 717-919-2857

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