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Online Reputation Management

What would you do if unflattering comments were made about your business? Do you have a process in place to handle negative customer feedback? Not having a plan in place could bury your business! Who do you have in your corner documenting your successes and consistently digitally showcasing them for you? Often public relations and/or marketing becomes an after thought and opportunity is missed. Our organization is a bridge for when you need help but cannot afford to hire a full-time associate and/or your current team does not have the skillset. Contact us today to put an action plan in place and remain #1 in your industry!

Business Marketing Consultation Services

Get on the fast track to get your business up and going with an organization that will coach you to find new forms of revenue and evaluate your digital marketing efforts. Learn how effective digital ads are, identify your target audience, and understand how to get more traffic to your website. If your goals include making pretty ads and gaining a following, it may be time to get a fresh set of eyes in and help you understand how to develop your brand digitally. We go to bat for our clients sharing stories and making referrals and connections.

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Trainings and Webinars

Book Jeannette to come on site and lead your team in maintaining an outstanding digital presence! Select from topics such as “Learn how to craft your brand’s story,” “Identifying and targeting your audience with digital ads,” “Online Reputation Management, “”Facebook on a Dime” and much more! Great for marketing and communication teams to learn a fresh approach and for real estate offices and higher education settings to work with students to prepare them for the workforce.

All else Marketing Related

We offer website design, website maintenance, brochure design, logo creation, signs and promotional products for trade shows and golf outings.

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