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3 Reasons Organizations are Reallocating Marketing Dollars to Employee Recruitment

The White House reports record low unemployment numbers that we have not seen in 50 years!

These numbers are wonderful for our economy and something to celebrate for many reasons.

However, for organizations facing high turnover or unplanned growth, a very low unemployment rate may present some challenges when it comes to employee recruitment!

Word of mouth and internal referrals, once the caviar of attracting talent, is no longer enough to attract qualified candidates.

  1. Organizations must make a serious effort to attract qualified candidates

Employers are at wits end exploring different avenues in searching for qualified candidates.

Organizations looking to hire part-time or entry-level workers could once place an advertisement on Craigslist at no charge. They are now having to pay to place the ad on the sites such as Craigslist and do so multiple times before a response is received.

Organizations are having to make some hard choices about their advertising dollars.

To continue to market goods and services, they will have to begin budgeting a reasonable spend to recruit new employees. Many small businesses have not budgeted to be in a position like this and may not have the resources to do so. They may have to decrease marketing dollars and reallocate their budget to attract new employees to ensure that their new customers receive a good experience.

Digital marketers are advertising that they can “Help find you Employees” and have been successful in onboarding new clients through this strategy.

At Storytelling Marketing and Consulting (SMC), we are running marketing campaigns for part-time workers in the hospitality industry and specialized professionals such as doctors that are all struggling to fill positions.

The Pay per Click model that works very well for advertising services and products can be rather effective for recruiting new employees.

The cost is dependent on several factors including industry. Marketing campaigns for positions that are in demand require larger budgets that may not exist and may need developed in order to meet operational needs.

2. Don’t spin your wheels onboarding new clients that you cannot service

We’ve all frequented places in which the service did not meet expectations due to staffing issues. We may have tried a new place for dinner after receiving a coupon but been disappointed in service to never return or worse tell a few friends.

In planning a marketing strategy, many small businesses must ensure that they have enough manpower to handle successful results!

Organizations that are low on staff cannot continue to market at an aggressive pace that will drive in more customers that they will not be able to retain due to service issues. Tough decisions will have to be made in relationship to recruitment. It may make sense to decrease marketing ad spend dollars until their staffing situation is addressed.

3. Less human interaction requires a stronger digital presence

Social media is not going anywhere and with Facebook reporting an average of 1.6 billion daily users spending an average of 58 minutes per day on the site, there is no denying that these virtual relationships developed take away from real life human interaction! Our word of mouth referral often exists now in a virtual relationship on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedln, or Twitter in the form of Job Postings, Recommendations, and general content.

If it is not a part of your current content management strategy, you are missing out on an opportunity to share information about Job Openings and more with potential candidates, as well as friends and family of candidates that may be helpful in making a vital connection for your organization.

Part of the content management strategy should include information about your culture that may include community involvement, information about employee benefits such as wellness programs, and pictures of team building. These are also great ways to share more information about your company.

As the unemployment rate will not remain this low indefinitely, the shift in marketing dollars for recruitment may be with us for some time requiring business owners and human resource professionals to implement a plan.

To learn more about how Storytelling Marketing and Consulting can help you attract qualified candidates contact us at Jeannette@StorytellingConsulting.com or call 717-919-2857.

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