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Magaro scheduled to speak at Annual Evoke Marketing Conference in July with CrossState Credit Union Association

Topic and Description of the LIVE session is as follows. To book Magaro for your next conference email Jeannette@StorytellingConsulting.com .

The Power of Storytelling: A different way to market your organization

Stories have been told for many years and the best ones are ingrained in our memories. Traditional marketing plans are always focused on the sale that they are easily forgettable. What if you could use the powerful science behind storytelling marketing theories, craft a different type of campaign, and become ten times more relatable with your target audience? What if the next time your prospective customer had a need and your organization were the first one that they thought of because you planted those seeds of familiarity deep within the brain? This session will help you understand why storytelling will make your organization more relatable with your target audience and how to craft custom stories through your marketing materials and digital footprint which will ultimately result in increasing your brand’s strength and ultimately more sales.

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Tag: storytelling