3 reasons organizations are shifting ad dollars from their marketing budget to their HR budget

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Closing Deals in Heels

We are so excited to be featured in Lets Connect Central PA and provide advice to other women entrepreneurs.

PS – Check back with us for more news about being a women business owner.

3 Eateries on the Move

I’m often asked to give examples of good social media and good posts.

Truthfully, bad posts are pretty easy to spot!

Since we are so inundated with digital information that recognizing an above average post or consistency throughout a page and or platform/s does not always happen due to volume.

Three eateries in Central PA have caught my eye in which I have related to their brand and shared their story with others. After doing this several times I realize these are great examples to share with clients and followers because if I am repeating their story to others I am almost becoming a “Brand Ambassador.” If you read this and can your followers to share your story, you have accomplished a major goal with your social media content by making your followers sales people for your organization!

Three eateries here in in Harrisburg, PA that have caught my eye are:

3. Cocoa Creek Chocolates at Brittle Bark

Brittle Bark’s release of their new brand, “Cocoa Creek Chocolates” has been defined by the actual merchants of downtown Mechanicsburg. Each truffle tells a story related to the specialty ingredients or the merchants in downtown Mechanicsburg, brilliantly unifying its community with something everyone appreciates, good quality chocolate!

2. Cracked Pot

A coffee shop branded on a biblical verse (Corinthians) with the intent of providing jobs and a mentoring program for foster children in Central PA. This chic shop in Mechanicsburg is a must visit to see how it all fits together so very perfectly in a time when consumers want to shop local and feel a part of something bigger! This non-profit knows how to not only craft a stories, but connect others and execute it properly!

1.The Urban Churn

It started with a viral post January of 2018 in which they were spreading the word about their sauerkraut ice cream sold in the heart of downtown Harrisburg just minutes from PA Dutch Country. The shop caught the eye of many as it continued to produce ice cream from ingredients that many would not normally think of creating a different experience. Fast forward to January of 2019, as they transition to their own space, their crowdfunding approach to raising capital is one that is a rather classy approach making the customer feel good about investing in their favorite ice cream’s future by providing treats for a year for a small investment.

There you have it 3 great examples of eateries! What vertical would you like me to look at next and provide examples of? Email me at Jeannette@StorytellingConsulting.com and let me know what you want to see more of!

Community Service

As I begin a week of several speaking engagements in the community I am looking forward to sharing the mission of PASSION! I wake up every morning excited to do my job and share ideas of how to help businesses sell out of events, grow their followers, sell more widgets, brand themselves, and so much more! I will be on a panel in which I will be asked questions that refer to my values and while many talk about integrity –I truly LIVE IT! Integrity means telling a client an idea they are passionate about may not be good for them. It means turning down business that feels good for my bank account but just not good for me! So as I speak about passions EVERY SINGLE DAY, I hope to continue to gain clients that are pursuing THEIR PASSION and allow them to live it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Cheers! Jeannette

SMC Hosts Womens Luncheon for Mechanicsburg Chamber

9/11/2018 at Sky Zone Harrisburg located in Mechanicsburg

Contact Jamie at info@mechanicsburgchamber.org

New Announcement – Excited to be adding Public Relations Services to our list of services

Since forming our organization, we have been approached by several public relations firms to bridge the gap digitally. With only a handful of Public Relations firms in the area, a competitive advantage with our technical skillset, and a large list of connections in Central PA and surrounding areas, we have decided to add Public Relations to our list of services.

We are excited to begin working with talent in the Central PA area including Artists and Athletes; Business Professionals; Tourism Projects and more!

For more information, contact Jeannette at Jeannette@Storytellingconsulting.com

Register NOW for Business Women’s Forum

Hundreds of women will flock to Messiah College one morning in May for education, networking, and empowerment. Join me as I present “21st Century Storytelling.” It’s a tale you will not want to miss!

Speaking Engagements

Available to speak at conference on the following topics:

21st Century Storytelling

Alter your life by learning to say NO

Beating the Odds

Managing perfection and other self sabotaging behaviors




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