About Us


Our Approach

We specialize in powerful storytelling and creating long lasting powerful connections! There is always a story to tell and we want to help craft a very special message and execute it!

Ideally, we want to become your marketing department, but understand at times you may only have a need for a specific project.

We are able to team up with your existing Marketing Manager or team or you are able to completely source to our agency.

We are able to offer services that include lead generation, promotional product distribution, content generation, web design, and everything the larger firms are offering at a competitive price due to our lower overhead.

We are appreciative of all referrals received from business partners and see value in sending gratitude packages. It is important that we make our referral sources look good by following up with referrals and committing to meet face to face, as needed.

When we enter a relationship with a new client we commit to treat the business as if it were our own, provide additional value at every possible opportunity.

Our goal is to grow OUR business by growing YOUR business!

Our Story

Jeannette Magaro of Harrisburg, PA found the firm in 2017 and has a unique founder story herself.

Upon gaining meaningful business experience as a Webmaster, Organizer, and Writer during her tenure at a Fortune 500 Company, Magaro exited the organization to head up her family’s small business and raise her family.

Magaro was successful in creating a brand by crafting a compelling story and executed it via digital to include social media. Tripling the organizations revenue in a very short time she created well-known community events, establishing powerful relationships within the community, and crafting memorable tag lines throughout the business community.

This same business community took notice, reaching out for her expert advice in consulting and training on social media and online reviews creating something we now call a “side hustle.”

Balancing the two organizations became challenging and Magaro took the leap of faith to create Storytelling Marketing and Consulting to assist other businesses become a household name and grow their business.

She was quickly recognized as a “public relations machine” and with the background of a webmaster she expanded her digital skills and began managing digital campaigns on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more for organizations throughout Central PA!

Magaro realized there was a need to operate as a boutique agency offering both Marketing and Public Relations Services, as well as Branding, and Strategy Sessions.

Magaro manages clients in both Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. Her goals include becoming a National Agency specializing Storytelling Marketing and Branding.