About Us


Our Approach

We want our clients to confidently be able to say doing business with SMC was one of the best decisions they have ever made!

We also want to be able to help a client, regardless of size and budgets, and provide them value immediately so they have proper representation.

We seek to work with experts in their field that are seeking additional revenue without hiring “in-house” creating an opportunity on both sides for a working relationship with less overhead.

The beauty happens when we listen to the client and learn more about their business and provide opportunities to display the unique products and services offered by creating a story line that the organization’s target audience would find to be of interest.

While some firms do not have an interest to meet with a potential client due to screening processes, we enjoy meeting new people and are comfortable in giving free tips during an initial complimentary analysis because we feel confident that helping others is the right thing to do and may come back later in the means of a referral or just the feeling of doing good.

When we enter a relationship with the client we commit to treat the business as if it were our own, provide additional value at every opportunity including connections to other business professionals and customers, and it is crucial that we always do what we say we are going to do offering integrity.

Our Story

Jeannette Magaro of Harrisburg, PA founded the firm in 2017 and has a unique founder story herself.

Upon gaining meaningful business experience as a Webmaster, Organizer, and Writer during her tenure at a Fortune 500 Company, Magaro exited the organization to head up her family’s small business.

Magaro was successful in creating a brand by using brand storytelling methods on social media establishing annual events, creating a strong presence in the community, branding product and services with the end results of TRIPLING sales, adding employees, and buying a fleet of vehicles.

The business community took notice, reaching out for her expert advice in consulting and training on social media and online reviews creating a “side hustle.” Balancing the two became challenging and Magaro took the leap of faith to create SMC in 2017.

She was quickly recognized as a “public relations machine” and a leader in marketing and established alliances with other organizations to be able to offer everything that a larger firm offers such a logo creation or management of Google ads and billboard while providing a lower cost due to lower overhead while consistently looking out for the clients best interest.

In 2018, Magaro launched Simply Social Stories with Marsha Blessing telling stories on social media on Facebook LIVE to enhance the presence of businesses in Central PA!

In 2019, Magaro founded a non-profit, Autism in Classroom, a personal mission for Magaro, also publishing a book with her eleven year old son about autism.

What is in store for Storytelling Marketing and Consulting? Sky is the limit! Magaro is always open to more possibilities!